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Computer-Aided Engineering – using special software for engineering analysis of durability and other technical characteristics of components and assemblies, completed in computer-aided design systems (CAD). CAE systems enable dynamic simulation, verification and optimization of products and their engineering environment. Traditional analysis includes:

    Stress analysis of components and assemblies by the finite element method
    Analysis of heat and fluid flows using the methods of computational hydrodynamics
    Analysis of kinematics
    Simulating dynamic mechanical interactions
    Simulating manufacturing operations (casting, pressing, etc.)

Traditionally, any type of analysis in the CAE systems undergoes three stages:

    Preliminary data processing (based on a geometrical product model – CAD-data –building a required model of the analysed process, for instance, a finite element mash, points of force and their vectors)
    Model analysis using a specialized solver
    Final processing of the results (visualizing the calculation data for a mathematical model)
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