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Digital prototyping

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Being the core of the concept of product lifecycle management (PLM), digital prototyping enables modeling reality on computer («digitally»), simultaneously taking into account several factors:

  • Product design, that is, its digital mock-up (DMU);
  • Knowledgeware with possibility to store and manage intellectual products (for instance, automated generation of geometric forms according to the given parameters);
  • Engineering optimization by analyzing product behavior in its real environment – ergonomics, aerodynamics, structural deformation with the given constraints, vibrations, noises, etc.;
  • Technological information, including the blueprint of the product manufacturing shop, process planning, simulating part fabrication from semi-finished products and assembly operations;
  • Optimal production, taking into consideration the materials to be used, physical properties of the processes (stamping, welding, riveting, casting, etc.);
  • Technical maintenance, including description of product assembly / disassembly procedures, product configuration and repair recommendations;
  • Supporting collaboration between users and enterprises, participating in the same project.
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