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The PLM Encyclopedia

This site dedicated to encyclopedic publication, presenting focused, core information about PLM and ERP that form the basis of the information environment of a competitive manufacturing enterprise. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) – is a modern business strategy, involving coherent and consistent use of compatible software and hardware to support all stages of a product lifecycle: from a new product conceptualization to its design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, after-sale services, recovery and disposal. The software for PLM includes well-known computer-aided design systems (CAD) and related products for engineering analysis (CAE) and manufacturing (CAM), as well as specialized tools for product data management (PDM) and collaborative work at an extended enterprise (comprising geographically distributed design, manufacturing and marketing departments, including suppliers, business partners and customers). ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) covers many related areas of production scheduling and planning, including financial management, enterprise asset management, human resource management, logistics and supply chain management, customer relationship management, etc.

As any well-developed industry on the modern global market, PLM and ERP have a wide range of competing products and solutions offered by reputable software development companies and their business partners, strong professional mass media, consulting and research organizations, and, certainly, – established concepts and terms that determine its contents and specifics. We strive to represent all these features of PLM and ERP in the Encyclopedia.

We would very much appreciate every comment, criticism as well as suggestions as to how we can make our publication even better.

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